Am I A Good Candidate for a Nose Job?

Rhinoplasty in Huntsville, ALThe nose job procedure, also called a rhinoplasty, can be the perfect procedure to enhance your facial profile and complement your facial features. While many people understand the benefits of a rhinoplasty, they still have questions about what makes a good candidate for the nose job procedure. Below, we’ll help you determine if you are a good candidate for a nose job by asking a few simple questions.

Are You In Good Health?

The first factor that can determine your candidacy for a nose job, or any cosmetic surgery procedure, is your health. If you are a smoker, are diabetic, or suffer from a number of health conditions, you may not be a good candidate for surgery. This is because the stress that surgery places on the body might put you in danger when combined with these variables. Reviewing your health history with your surgeon can help you uncover any risks you might encounter with a rhinoplasty, but most patients in good health are suitable candidates for rhinoplasty.

Do You Know What to Expect from Treatment?

There are many things to consider about rhinoplasty outside of the cosmetic benefits. First, you need to understand the recovery that the surgery requires. After a rhinoplasty, you will need to take several days off of work and other activities. When planning your surgery, you need to remember to keep this in mind so that your procedure and recovery process go as smoothly as possible. Second, you need to understand the cost of surgery. Unless you are experiencing breathing difficulties related to your nose, your rhinoplasty will be considered a cosmetic procedure, and therefore will not be covered by insurance. Although the cost of your procedure may not be determined until your consultation, you may want to consider setting aside money or applying for financing before you schedule your treatment. Outside of these two factors, you’ll want to have realistic expectations going into your treatment so that you can plan your treatment appropriately.

Are You Ready to Discuss Your Treatment with a Cosmetic Surgeon?

If you are ready to take the next step in your rhinoplasty process, contact us today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Nease of Nease Cosmetic Surgery. Here, you can discuss your treatment goals and determine an optimal treatment plan for your nose job.