Brow Lift vs. Blepharoplasty: Which is Right for Me?


Our eyes do a lot for us. Not only do they let us see the beautiful world around us, but they also let us express ourselves and our emotions without saying a word. As we age, our expressions can get lost in the signs of aging, including hollowness, drooping, wrinkles and loose skin on our face. To fix that, we have several options. Today we’re going to cover the two most popular procedures to fix sagging skin around the eyes, a brow lift and blepharoplasty, to determine which procedure is best for you. And in some cases, both procedures may be indicated. 

What is a Brow Lift? A brow lift, also popularly known as a forehead lift, is a procedure that’s used to elevate the position of the eyebrows and also reduce the appearance of lines that run horizontally across your forehead. It can also help to improve the appearance of deep lines and creases at the top of the bridge of your nose and between your eyebrows. Many of our patients who have chosen to get a brow lift have done so to decrease the appearance of wrinkles between the brows. 

What are the Benefits of a Brow Lift? Some of the benefits of getting a brow lift done at Nease Cosmetic Surgery include: 

  • Eliminating a consistently tired or angry expression 
  • Relatively short recovery time of about 7 to 10 days 
  • Correcting deep furrows on the brow and between the eyes 
  • Helps the eyes to open up and make you look more alert and refreshed 

What is Blepharoplasty? Blepharoplasty is just a fancy way of saying eyelid surgery. While blepharoplasty can refer to both upper and lower eyelid surgery, you may choose to get either one or the other treated at a time. Blepharoplasty involves the removal of excess skin and fat around the eyes to make the patient look more awake and alert. Many of our patients who have undergone blepharoplasty have done so to get rid of their hooded, droopy eyelids and under-eye bags. And when the upper eyelid skin is significantly in excess, this may cause trouble with the upper visual fields and be medically indicated. 

What are the Benefits of Blepharoplasty? There are many benefits to getting blepharoplasty done at Nease Cosmetic Surgery, including: 

  • Refreshed look and brighter eyes 
  • Tighter skin and fewer wrinkles around the eyes 
  • Improved under-eye bags 
  • Improved vision after removing the skin from heavy eyelids 
  • Short recovery time of about one week 

Is a Brow Lift or Blepharoplasty Better for Me? If you’re looking for a procedure to improve the position of drooping brows or to fix the lines in your forehead and between your brows, you’re better off going with a brow lift. If you’re looking for a procedure to make your eyes look less tired or sad, you’re better off going with blepharoplasty. However, there is also a third option. Many of our patients get these two procedures done at the same time to improve the overall look of their eyes and forehead. Don’t be afraid to ask Dr. Nease if this is the right move for you based on your concerns and desired results. 

If you are interested in learning more about how you can benefit from a brow lift and blepharoplasty, call us today to schedule your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Nease. He’ll help you figure out which procedure is best for you, or if you should go with the two-hit combo.