Radiesse® in Chattanooga, Nashville and Scottsboro

If you want to reduce the look of lines and wrinkles and get the added benefit of natural collagen stimulation, you’ll want to consider a treatment using Radiesse®. Dr. Carey Nease, triple board-certified plastic surgeon and director of Nease Cosmetic Surgery, is pleased to offer Radiesse® treatments to residents in Chattanooga, Nashville, Scottsboro and surrounding communities.

Radiesse® in Northern Alabama and the Huntsville Area

What is Radiesse®?

Radiesse® in Northern Alabama and the Huntsville AreaRadiesse® is a minimally invasive, relatively painless cosmetic procedure designed to take years off your facial appearance. Radiesse® contains a synthetic solution of calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA), used to smooth lines and wrinkles to give the skin a smoother, younger look.

The CaHA solution is designed to replicate some of the naturally occurring compounds found in your teeth and bones. Once injected, it does not calcify and get hard—instead, it remains remains soft, mimicking the skin’s natural tone and texture.

Radiesse® is used to treat the deep wrinkles and creases around the mouth and nose, such as the nasolabial folds (sometimes called laugh lines or smile lines) and the marionette lines that run from the corners of your mouth to the chin area.


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How Much Does Radiesse® Cost?

The cost of Radiesse® will vary with each session, depending on the extent of the procedure performed and number of injections needed to achieve the desired outcome.

During your initial consultation, your customized treatment plan will be determined and an accurate cost can be given to you at that time.

Many insurance companies do not cover the cost of cosmetic procedures. At Nease Cosmetic Surgery, we strive to keep patient procedures as affordable as possible, by offering complimentary consultations along with a variety of payment options. We accept cash, major credit cards, and financing through CareCredit®.

What Are the Benefits of Radiesse®?

There are many benefits to a Radiesse® treatment, and most patients are delighted with their end results. Some common benefits include:

  • Immediate, natural, and younger looking results
  • Longer lasting results than many other dermal fillers
  • Stimulates production of natural collagen
  • Quick, virtually pain-free treatment
  • Elevated self-confidence and boosted self-image

Am I a Good Candidate for Radiesse®?

Ideal candidates for Radiesse® treatment include most healthy adults. You should be aware of the results Radiesse® is capable of producing and have realistic expectations about what you can achieve.

The doctor will help you determine if your expectations are in alignment with what’s possible and if Radiesse® is your best choice to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

What is Radiesse®Recovery Like?

Following Radiesse® treatment, you may have some swelling and redness at the injection sites, but those symptoms will subside within a day or two. You shouldn’t have pain following your procedure, but in the rare event you experience a headache, over-the-counter medication should take care of it.

You will likely be cautioned to avoid any strenuous exercising for a couple of days after the treatment and not to rub the treated area for several hours immediately following your Radiesse® procedure.

Once the swelling and redness are gone, you’ll be able to see the results of your Radiesse® treatment, which should last for about nine months or longer. Some patients have reported Radiesse® results lasting almost two years. For optimal results, be sure to read and follow any post-procedure instructions you’re given.

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To learn how Radiesse® can benefit you, contact us to schedule a private, complimentary consultation. Nease Cosmetic Surgery is proud to offer Radiesse® treatments to residents of Chattanooga, Nashville, Scottsboro and surrounding communities.